With Olds Fashioned Christmas and the Kiwanis Village Olds creates a wonderful Christmas season with so much to do.

The Kiwanis Club is responsible for setting up the Heritage Village in Centennial Park. They started this project in 1993 with 3 buildings, and after 26 years they are still going, but with more and more buildings.

When they started assembling the village 26 years ago, it would take members two weekends to get it standing. Now with the help of the Olds Regional Exhibition (ORE), they are able to have it ready for showing in just two short days.

They have it down to a science: Before the snow flies, they find all the permanent holes in the park and uncover them. With the aid of the necessary machinery, they get all the poles in place on day one. After the poles are erected, the next time they gather, they get the buildings standing with help from the AJHL Grizzly’s as well additional help from the ORE.

The buildings stand for the Christmas Season for the community and visitors to enjoy. When it’s time to take down, the Kiwanis Club gathers again and disassemble it in a timely fashion.

They appreciate the Town’s use of the old outdoor swimming pool facility for year-round storage. With so many community members involved in the set-up and take-down, this is one of the many great things that the Kiwanis Club does for our community.

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