On January 31, a number of people from the community gathered to discuss what they envision for the future of Olds, and how we can leverage our technological advantage to propel us into a future that creates a community in which we all thrive and prosper.
We’re not done yet. We want YOUR input on the kinds of projects that you think Olds can implement that would qualify for the Smart Cities Challenge.
Please take a few minutes to answer this short survey, and be part of the discussion.

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Examples of outcomes include:

Safety and Security: Reduced crime rates; increased safety for women; improved emergency response times, etc..

Healthy Living and Recreation: Increased access to recreational programming; availability of remote health services; reduction in adverse health outcomes, etc.

Environmental Quality: Reduced greenhouse gas emissions; reduction in environmental contaminant levels; habitat preservation or renewal; etc.

Mobility and Transportation: Increased accessibility to public transportation; reduced first mile/last mile gaps; reduction of congestion; etc.

Economic Opportunity: Increased employment opportunities; reductions in processing times for business permits; improvements in skill levels in the local labour force etc.

Empowerment and Inclusion: Reduced homelessness rates; reductions in the number of institutionalized children and youth, better integration of newcomers, refugees, youth, seniors, visible minorities, etc. in the community, opportunities to participate in and to be informed about, the democratic process/decisions affecting the community etc.

Click the links below for more information on what makes a Smart Community and the Smart Cities Challenge.

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