Thank you for registering for the next Community Showcase in Olds!

If you have any updates or changes to your booking between now and the event, please email Patti.

Here are a few housekeeping considerations you should know prior to the event:

  • Upon Arrival: Please check in with the Everything Olds booth upon arrival so we know you are present and if you need help loading we can assist.
  • Displays: There is to be NO TAPE used to hang posters on the arena glass at the Fall Showcase in the Sportsplex. It is difficult for staff to remove after the event. If you have posters or banners to hang, please use alternative means or hang them from the front of your table.
  • The standard issue per registrant is one table and two chairs. If you need more and did not request it in your booking, please email Patti. Bring your own table coverings and displays.
  • Be considerate to your neighbours and guests when using indoor pop-up displays and sandwich boards so they do not interfere with the flow of traffic by your table.
  • Temperature: Please be prepared for varying temperatures; bring a sweater or light jacket, and make your footwear comfortable. (SPRING SHOWCASE: As it is winter and we are in a large arena, we encourage you to bring warm sweaters in case there is a draft.)
  • Power: We are looking at ways to bring power to more of the tables going forward. We will keep you posted, and until then, we ask that if you do not need power, you will be assigned tables on the inside of the showcase area.
  • Food: During the September Showcase at the Sportsplex, the Concession in the main concourse will be open for food service. We will also be on the look-out for a food truck for outside at the top of the ramp, and/or a food vendor on the Showcase floor. For the Spring Showcase at the ORE Cow Palace in February, the Concession in the foyer will be open for food service.
  • Floor Plan: A map will be sent to you with a floor plan for the event. It will be updated as registrations are received, and a final map will appear online and in print the week prior to the event.
  • Parking: We do our best to reserve the SOUTH side of the Sportsplex for exhibitor-only parking for the September Showcase. This gives you access to the loading ramp so you do not have to navigate stairs with all your materials and supplies. (We will do our best — it is hockey evaluation season too.)
    SPRING SHOWCASE: Access and parking for exhibitors will be marked and along the fence next to the Cow Palace.
  • Emails to registered exhibitors are scheduled up to the event to review all who are booked, promotions and news, and provide up-to-the-minute reminders and updates.

See you at the Showcase!