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Circle Casting & Spirit Summoning $50

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The Sacred Circle or Wheel is an energetic construct that you can build or envision around yourself before doing any healing work, a ritual/ceremony or journeying & meditating🌈✨

Casting a circle is one way to shut out disruptive influences and stay focused on the work. The circle has two main purposes: To keep disturbances out, and to keep the energy of the ritual in.
• It provides Protection: you cast it with the intention that only positive and beneficent energies may enter or dwell within.
• It serves as a container for your personal energy and the energy you conjure: your power as a healing practitioner is clarified and magnified by the circle.

Once you have mastered casting your Circle, you may now summon the Spirit/Energy of your choice. Known as Evocation this is the act of calling upon or summoning a Spirit👻

Evocation is used to evoke a spirit to ask HOW to get what you need. In response, the entity may give you instructions for a talisman, a ritual, an offering, an incantation etc, etc. Then you may perform the given spell (or whatever you were instructed to do) with the assistance of the entity to achieve your results.

In this class:
•You will learn about the sacred circle/wheel
•Why it is an important tool to have
•How to set up a circle (quickly or with items)
•How to disassemble it properly
•How to summon a spirit into your circle
•How to use your circle for healing & meditation
•Learn about the Pentagram & how to use it
Learn about the 4 Directions & how to use them in your practice

Cost is $50💛
You must put down a $20 nonrefundable deposit to hold your spot! Please Call OR Message us if you have any questions. Come enjoy this amazing class in a safe and nurturing space!💓

5303 50th Avenue

Event Dates

Dates Times
October 30, 2019 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Venue Details

  • Address: 5303 50th Avenue, T4H 1P6, Olds
  • Phone: 403-556-4004

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