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Get In Tune With The Moon $60

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The Moon🌙 has been worshiped for centuries! But very few people realize the moon has a huge influence on our lives and if you follow its phases and plan your actions around them you will soon discover that by taking the appropriate action at the right time you are more likely to succeed in our aspirations.

In this class:💛
•We will begin with a Sacred Smudging
•We will look at what types of energies the moon will cycle through and what to expect
•We will look at the 12 Zodiac Signs
•Find out your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign
•Talk about our Birth Natal Charts
•We will look at the difference between Western vs Vedic astrology
•We will learn about the different Moon phases (Full, New, Waxing, Wanning)
•Learn how to work with each Moon phases energy to achieve our deepest desires
•Learn New Moon & Full Moon Rituals
•Learn about how women’s menstrual cycles go along with the moon cycles (divine feminine)(goddess energy)
•And to finish off class we will all be doing a Full Moon Ritual with some drumming and a guided meditation

*Everyone will also be gifted a Crystal!!*

Cost is $60
You Must put down a $20 deposit to hold your spot! Please bring a water bottle and wear comfy clothing😊

5303 50th Ave

Event Dates

Dates Times
October 28, 2019 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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