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Wine, Wit & Wisdom

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Wine, Wit & Wisdom $40

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Wine Wit & Wisdom is a library fundraiser featuring entertaining and informative speakers and fun experiences accompanied by themed appetizers and a variety of drink stations.

Tickets/Registration: $40.00 per person.
Each ticket includes one drink ticket and appetizers as well as your entry to the workshops you wish to attend. 

Come for an evening of entertainment and learning with this unique fundraiser designed to stimulate your imagination and tickle your intellect. There will be 8 mini sessions running throughout the evening, of which you will get to choose 4 to attend throughout the night. No need to select your sessions ahead of time, decide when you arrive and migrate as you choose.

Appetizers and drinks will be available and space is provided for mixing and mingling if you prefer to chat and network with your current and future friends instead of attending a session.

5217 52 Street

Event Dates

Dates Times
October 19, 2019 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Venue Details

  • Address: 5217 52 Street, Olds
  • Phone:

Olds Municipal Library west of the Olds Sportsplex.