Olds Town Square Mural

Located in the heart of Uptowne Olds, the Olds Town Square Mural is a vibrant piece of public art in Olds. Painted by local artists and tattoo artist Kevin Johnson in 2018, the mural is inspired by the Wetlands located outside of Olds. The mural was an expressive piece of public art and gives a vibrant feeling to Uptowne Olds. 

Olds Beer and Liquor Mural 

In the same area as the Olds Town Square Mural, the mural depicting a coy fish has recently been painted by artist Kevin Johnson. The mural is a tribute to the owner of Olds Liquor and Beer’s heritage. The mural is another expressive piece of public art that adds vibrancy into the heart of Olds.

The Bergen Rocks

Along highway 27 in Olds, Alberta The Bergen Rocks are a collection of sculptures that were created by international artists who came to Alberta during 2008 and 2009. The Bergen Rocks give a sense of culture and history to Olds and allow artists to express themselves in a public way.