Due to the unprecedented outbreak of Covid-19, the coronavirus now sweeping countries around the world, we are re-scheduling this Wednesday’s webinar “The Five Fastest Growing Tourism Trends,” to Wednesday, April 8th at 8:30 Pacific Time, and instead we are offering a special presentation this Wednesday, March 18th:

Dealing With the Coronavirus: What to do immediately to help save your tourism industry, and downtown businesses.

This workshop is FREE to all, so spread the word — this is important for your economic future.

In this workshop we are offering ideas that can still encourage travel while implementing “social distancing” and “self-quarantine” procedures, ways to shift your tourism marketing to help you weather the storm, what downtowns (and downtown businesses) can do to survive, and programs coming online to help small businesses that make up the bulk of our tourism-industry providers and downtown businesses. 

Register for this special emergency presentation by Roger Brooks today!

This is an excellent time to invite others in your community, from stakeholders, elected officials, local government staff, businesses, and other local organizations to tune in — which they can do from home, office or remote location to avoid large gatherings. Again, this is free for everyone.



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