The Everything Olds Entrepreneurship Centre facilitates processes that allow start-up and existing businesses to explore strategies that grow profit and support business initiatives. Our partners – including the Olds & District Chamber of Commerce and Business Link – host monthly workshops that introduce new concepts and knowledge that is beneficial to entrepreneurs and those considering becoming entrepreneurs. We work to create an entrepreneurial mindset in the community.

The Entrepreneurship Centre provides mentorship and coaching support several mornings a week on a walk-in or appointment basis. The difference between the two: mentors offer great advice, coaches ask great questions. For start-ups coaching can prove invaluable. We work to create and support entrepreneurial leaders.

The Entrepreneurship Centre hosts an annual Power Up, Alberta Entrepreneur’s Conference to provide entrepreneurs with networking and learning opportunities. The Entrepreneurship Centre is part of the Central Alberta Rural Innovation Network, which offers access to many other agencies and resources that benefit local entrepreneurs delivering key resources to grow local business.