What is the Mountain View Corridor? 

The Mountain View Corridor is a joint initiative of Mountain View County, its urban centres: Olds, Sundre, Didsbury, Carstairs and Cremona, along with our neighbouring community Crossfield. The website is created by Local Intel which was made possible by a CARES grant from the Government of Alberta. This is an economic development tool that can help small businesses, entrepreneurs and anyone who is interested in moving there business to one of the seven member municipalities.

The corridor is strategically located in an opportune position for growth. With seven collaborative municipalities, your business dreams can become a reality within the corridor. The energetic, pro-growth and progressive group is passionate about creating a welcoming and thriving business environment in rural Alberta.

How to Use Mountain View Corridor? 

With twelve tools, there is a library of information that can be used to your benefit. Each individual municipality has business climate tool that allows users to see the trends within the past ten years, specifically relating to the economy, population, real estate value and more. The other eleven tools are regionally populated. They show users the consumer trends and competition for each individual industry. As well as showing the commercial, industrial and residential properties for sale. 

The Mountain View Corridor is the ideal tool for business owners and entrepreneurs to gain a better understanding of the market in each member municipality. To learn more about each member municipality, please visit https://mountainviewcorridor.ca/  

COVID-19: Thank you for buying and supporting local. Covid restrictions may be impacting the operations of business. Please contact the business directly to confirm business operations status.