The Olds Institute realizes that in order to better support you, our volunteers, you need to be engaged. You want to be connected to things you truly care about. You want to know you are helping build a great community.

You just don’t want to sit in long monthly meetings talking about the same old “stuff”.

We get it. Yes, our Committees help set the direction for the activities they undertake, but they can’t work in a vacuum.

We need you.

We need your ideas, your energy, and your enthusiasm.

We need your vision, your skills, and your drive to see things happen.

If you want to get involved in the community, you’ve come to the right place. We are the hub of volunteer activity, support and development. We want you to be able to say, “I’d love to help with that!” and not feel like you’ve signed your life away.

If you want to be a new regular face on our committees, or work on specific projects with our committees, please join us.  We can also connect you to other not-for-profits, charities and organizations in the community so your passion matches their vision. To learn more about the opportunities to volunteer in Olds and area, email the Olds Institute.

Or, if you simply want to be kept in the loop on different events and activities where you can come help out for a short time, sign up to receive our newsletter. We only send it out 4 – 8 times a year, and it keeps you connected with what’s happening in the community and the opportunities to volunteer throughout the year.

Have a passion for the arts? Want to help organize a new trade show? Are you keen on tourism activity in the area? Do you see a need to support a specific population in the community? Are you a techy looking to plug in to the digital gigabit stream we have in Olds and create something spectacular? Would you like to get some new activities going to get people moving?

Please. Take a seat at our table. Our Fair Trade coffee is always on.

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