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Our company is a 3rd generation 100% Canadian, family-owned business. Our head office is located in Alix, Alberta but we serve many area including Olds.

We offer a complete line of waste and recycling services. Consultations and in house audits are also available. We cater to industrial, commercial and private acreage customers on either a short or long term basis. We manage waste and recycling services for clients across Canada.

Our recycling services and programs are simple, effective and user-friendly, with no sorting required. Our residential recycling programs and waste collection services are being implemented in more and more communities every year.

Can Pak offers a one-stop shop to all our clients for waste and recycling services.

We have in house expertise in the following areas:

• Consolidated monthly invoicing
• Single point of contact for waste and recycling services for clients with multiple locations/offices
• Waste Audits
• Waste reduction and Zero waste initiatives
• Vendor management and negotiation
• Cost reduction initiatives
• Sustainability reporting

We have a material recovery facility in Red Deer, AB that accepts various types of recycling, sorted and unsorted.


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