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The Mountain View Arts Society promotes and encourages a variety of artistic opportunities and events for the enrichment and enjoyment of the general public.

Nestled in the heart of Mountain View County in sunny Alberta lies the beautiful community of Didsbury. Didsburians were very proud to represent the province as the only Host Celebration Site between Airdrie and Red Deer during Alberta Arts Days 2011. Visitors were treated to an incredible showcase of the arts and culture that is found in Central Alberta – specifically Didsbury and Mountain View County!
The group of volunteers who put on the Mountain View Arts Festival wanted more, so at the end of 2011, they applied for, and received, incorporation of a society. Following the election of a very active, creative, and engaged Board of Directors, the wheels started turning and the next thing we knew, we were hosting and organizing different events in Didsbury, Alberta (art show, rock concert, spring concert, arts festival). That tradition continues.

Our signature events include the 2-day “A Brush With Art” Art Show and Sale held in conjunction with the Didsbury Art, Travel, and Trade Expo in April; the Days of Yore living history museum re-enactment festival on the August long weekend; the Mountain View Arts Festival on the weekend following the September long weekend. Depending on the year, there are other events we host including spring concerts and Culture Days.
Besides hosting our own events, we want to help promote artists, dancers, musicians, writers, photographers, songwriters, actors, photojournalists, and artisans – those people in our towns who help create communities with depth and feeling. Our members want to share their skills and talents with each other to develop a strong and vibrant art community. We have the talent here – our goal is to make sure your lives are enriched by these individuals and businesses.