Olds Gymnastics Club

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We teach kids first, and gymnastics second. We invest in our relationships and support each other through times of celebration and times of defeat. We lean on each other.

We know that the ingredients for successful gymnasts include grace, discipline, mental & physical agility, and persistence. We can achieve great things when we stay the course.

We also believe in having fun! Fun is such an important component of all sports. Otherwise, why would we be here? We love gymnastics and aren’t afraid to show it! Gymnastics can be a very technical and challenging sport, which is why having a sense of humour and getting silly sometimes is critical. It’s important to really enjoy what you’re doing, so you can be emotionally invested and mentally present. Sometimes you just need a good laugh to help you re-focus when things go sideways.

Our coaching staff are passionate about what they do and are life-long learners; continuously improving their own skills so they can bring perspective and expertise to OGC. Continuing Education is a requirement of our staff and our commitment to you, the athlete. We live our values and walk our talk

Let us help you get there

Starting April 29, 2019, join us at our temporary location at the Olds Curling Club. We are busy preparing an exciting, new, permanent space for summer 2019. There are big changes on the way for little OGC and we are thrilled to take our club to the next level!