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The Peaks to Prairies Primary Care Network is a joint-venture with Alberta Health Services. The Peaks to Prairies PCN is led by local physicians in the communities of Olds and Sundre and is designed to support primary care health services in our area.

People go to their family physician for their day-to-day health care needs. In addition to offering medical clinics in each town, our doctors in Olds and Sundre also provide physician coverage in our local hospitals for emergency care, obstetrical care, and even minor surgery and anaesthesia.

All family physicians in Olds and Sundre are members of the Peaks to Prairies Primary Care Network (PCN). By being part of our PCN, our family doctors and their clinic staff receive support from the PCN’s team of health care professionals to assist with patient care and to provide them with access to other resources to better meet the health care needs of their patients.

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Located south of Mayfair Cinema, on the corner of 50th Street and 50th Ave.