The Axe Shack

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The idea for the Axe Shack came in Calgary while throwing axes when it was realized this was an amazing activity you shouldn’t have to drive to Calgary to enjoy. Founded in 2017, the Axe Shack is located on 49 Avenue in Olds. The Axe Shack offers many activities including competitive and casual axe throwing, as well as holding events for corporate and social occasions. With drop-in’s every Monday from 5:00-7:00 pm, call for more details and see the real excitement behind axe throwing. Group events are booked by calling.

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The Axe Shack is conveniently located at 4506 49th Avenue in Olds, Alberta which places the “Shack” practically midway between both Red Deer and Calgary – 45 minutes from Red Deer and less than an hour from Calgary on the Queen Elizabeth II Highway.


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