Transfeeder Agricultural Corp

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They have considerable experience in shipping feed products globally and are actively exporting to seven international markets in addition to the local Canadian market. Their facility is inspected by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. They purchase only the highest quality hay from expert producers in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Customers can order blends of timothy, orchard grass, brome grass and alfalfa. The blends can incorporate 1st, 2nd, and 3ed cuts of the various hay types. The process heat treats, removes contamination, removes excess dust, moisture balances, and removes small particles and retains the long fibre. The packaging system produces consistent weight bales that are easy to handle and feed. The whole system in designed to deliver the safest, most efficient equine feed available. Stand out features of this products include: Consistent quality and weight, no foreign material contamination, air washed technology to remove dust and pollen, low moisture, heat treated, passed through a metal detector, small light weight bales, on pallets for ease of handling, saves on storage space, saves on transportation costs, increased feed efficiency, security of supply and timely onsite delivery