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In operation since 1996, Windsor Graphics is a family-run business, led by professional web designer, Kathleen Windsor. Centered in south-central Alberta, this Canadian company offers a complete website promotion and marketing package option, statistics monitoring, and regular website maintenance. Our services include advising on content and design, extensive site navigation, interactivity, and audio/video. Our custom software design department continue to develop online accounting programs, membership management programs, depth chart programs for hockey teams, online course registrations and golf tournament registrations, interactive calendars, surveys, walk/run registrations, and more. These are all designed 100% with the client’s wishes at the forefront. You get the program exactly the way you want it, along with follow-up service. Our Music Festival Suite program for organizations hosting festivals is used by groups from BC to Newfoundland. We have now retired the internet broadcasting division of the business, but remember fondly the hockey teams and broadcasters who worked for us from 1999-2013.

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