The new year is starting strong with several webinars, tutorials, hands-on workshops and the Power UP! conference coming in March! Here’s a review of what’s scheduled so far.

Everything Olds Entrepreneurship Centre

Power UP! Alberta Entrepreneurs Conference: March 25, 2020

If you take 30 linear steps, each one a metre long, you will travel 30 metres, about half the width of a football field. But take those same 30 steps exponentially, and you can circle the earth 26 times!

The year Power UP! is not just about business growth. It’s about expanding business on an exponential curve. It’s about disruptive trends like Uber, Amazon and SpaceX. How do you prepare for this kind of growth? How do you anticipate this level of change? How do you measure and manage it? How can you – the entrepreneur – adopt exponential thinking?

Visit to get all the details, speakers, agenda and more. REGISTER BY JANUARY 31 & SAVE 30%! Be at Power UP! for engaging conversations and higher learning on how we can expand the role of entrepreneurs in Alberta, and boost small business growth in exponential leaps.

Tourism Entrepreneurship Startup Seminar (TESS): April 16, 2020 TENTATIVE

The Tourism Entrepreneurship Startup Seminar (TESS) is a free, one-day seminar held in various municipalities across Alberta. Please attend if you’re thinking about starting a tourism business or have just entered the tourism industry (less than 2 years). The seminar provides essential information and resources for entering into the tourism industry. Some topics include:

  • seasonal demand
  • financing
  • marketing

You will also take home a workbook and experience an “expert café” of short meetings with tourism business specialists in finance, marketing and labour.

We will have a registration link going live in February, so if you’re interested please email Patti to receive it when ready.

Destination Development Webinars: Monthly

Every month, tourism and economic development guru Roger Brooks hosts a webinar on a variety of topics that pertain to small towns developing a visitor economy. Everything Olds has a membership, and invites you to join us on these webinars free of charge. Start times are 9:30 am at the Everything Olds office. See the outline of 2020 webinars here, and if you would like to join us, please register for the next event so we know to expect you.

  • January 15: Assessing Your Town: How We Perform a Destination Assessment
  • February 12: The Five Most Important Tourism Amenities You Need to Have Right Now
  • March 18: The Five Fastest Growing Tourism Trends (and How to Best Tap into Them)
  • April 22: How to Make Your Downtown Look Amazing with a Minimal Budget
  • May 13: Creative Ideas to Pull Customers into Shops & Eateries on a Miniscule Budget
  • June 17: How to Effectively Communicate with Local Businesses
  • July 15: Working Together as One Incredible Team: Eliminating the Silos
  • August 12: Engaging Millennials: Their Future is Your Future
  • September 16: Advertising: Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Buck
  • October 14: Online Advertising: How it Works & What to Do
  • November 18: The Top Five Marketing Priorities for Promoting Tourism Destinations
  • December 16: The Step-By-Step Guide to Developing an Effective Marketing Plan

Gold Star Customer Service Training: TBA

Still working on a timeline for this, hopefully we have something scheduled for late April or early May. Stay tuned!

Travel Alberta Workshops

Experience Essentials: January 21, 2020

Our colleagues at Travel Alberta are hosting “Experience Essentials” in Sylvan Lake on Tuesday, January 21. (It is our intention to work with local operators to host this workshop in Olds this fall, so if you are engaged in the visitor economy – tourism operator, agricultural producer, retailer or restaurant – we encourage you to attend so you can be part of hosting an event in September/October.)

What does it take to turn a product or an activity into a memorable and remarkable experience? If you’re ready to raise the bar on your visitor experience and meet the growing demand for more immersive, local and authentic experiences, Travel Alberta’s new Experience Essentials workshop can help. This introductory session explores the fundamental elements of experience development and shows you where opportunities exist to grow your business, enhance your competitive appeal and respond to what travellers are looking for. In this full-day session you’ll be introduced to experience examples, learn through group and individual exercises, and receive a comprehensive workbook to spark new ideas now and in the future. Cost: $35.00 + GST  REGISTER HERE

Webinar: Amplify Your Marketing with ATIS

Join Travel Alberta ATIS Manager, Jeannine Greschner, who will walk you through the ins and outs of the Alberta Tourism Information Service (ATIS) In this webinar, we will cover how ATIS can help increase your visibility online and drive more potential visitors to your website. You will also learn how to develop great content that resonates with your audience and look at some practical examples of how businesses are successfully leveraging ATIS to increase their online exposure. We will also look at how content added into ATIS is used throughout Travel Alberta’s marketing ecosystem and how you can track the performance of your content right in the ATIS tool. If you own a business, or market and promote tourism products, services and experiences, this webinar is for you. This webinar will be facilitated by Travel Lakeland, and will highlight northern Alberta, but businesses from all regions of Alberta are welcome to join. We will be offering this webinar on two dates: January 23, 2020, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. February 6, 2020 (repeat), 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. There is no cost to join, but registration is required. REGISTER HERE

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